Technology / R & D
Our business gives careful consideration to the logical improvement and research to keep up the main part in a similar field of trade and furnish customers with the items of higher quality and service. Aside from the dual existing labs, the business has set up the united lab with Tongji College of Hydrogen-power to coordinate "863 National arrangements - The Advancement of the Innovation of Gas Filling Station to Provide Hydrogen for Autos with Fuel Battery and the Exploration of Incorporated Filling Framework. These will make our company to have exceptionally solid capacity of exploitation and testing in the parts of gas production, partition and decontamination, PSA, effluent treatment and ethanol dewatering for highly diluted modern enzymes and natural water and offers the ability of designing change.

Main Technical Development

  • Built up a sort of oil gas decontamination, recuperation device, of off-gas purification, and know-how.
  • Built up hydrogen manufacturing by means of flammable gas.
  • Created absorbents exactness finder.
  • Developed hydrogen production by means of methanol steam with synergist burning pipe gas as thermal source.
  • Built up a sort of tubular response vessel with thermal source from fuel catalyzed response.
  • Built up a sort of layer separator for h2 recuperation and cleansing from hydrogen-rich gas sources.
  • Built up a sort of Fluidized-bed reactor for hydrogen production through gaseous petrol.
  • Created four protected gadgets for hydrogen production by means of methane steam improving.
  • Created synergist ignition burner for new kind of thermal medium framework.
  • Built up a sort of synergist ignition burner from off gas created by means of hydrogen production.
  • Collaborated with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for 100Nm3/h pilot hydrogen plant by means of palladium layer and syngas production through protected NG changing.
  • Collaborated with Shanghai Sunwise ltd to attempt the hydrogen generator for Shanghai World Expo hydrogen filling station.
  • Collaborated with Shanghai university for 30Nm3/h trial hardware for hydrogen production through coke stove gas (National 863 Task), which is for hydrogen supply reason for energy unit vehicles for 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
  • Provided building and key gear of 2 x 9000Nm3/h hydrogen generator through methane steam improving for Shangdong Haili Chemical Ltd.
  • Developed the reformer hydrogen generator, put into benefit.
  • Built up a system of methane recuperation from squander landfill gas, put into benefit.
  • Sub product hydrogen supply innovation and gadgets of significant venture (electric vehicle) under national task was easily acknowledged.
  • Partook in the building, make and activity of hydrogen filling station set up for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
  • PSA oxygen production innovation began industrialization.
  • Collaborated with South China university of Innovation to apply for Research and development of new sort of high H2 production gear through fluidized-bed palladium film.
  • Hydrogen production by means of methane steam improving innovation was huge scale used.
  • Fuel ethanol innovation was effectively industrialized.
  • Air Liquide France designated us as selective accomplice for hydrogen production innovation in Asia region.
  • Coke broiler gas PSA innovation and pre-treatment were effectively industrialized.
  • Methane refinement innovation was effectively industrialized
  • Collaborated with Tongji University to attempt sub product hydrogen supply innovation and gadgets of significant venture (electric vehicle) under national 863 task
  • Miniature-scale unit of H2 production from gaseous petrol PSA is industrialized.
  • Industrialization of H2 production through coal changing is figured it out.
  • Decarbonization Industrialization of change gas by a vast scale OSA is used.
  • The innovation of ethanol drying out was industrialized.
  • CO2-Sustenance class production through off-gas of decarbonization and ethanol was developed.
  • 4th and 3rd generation methanol breaking impetus of ours conceived.
  • Second generation fine concoction arrangement impetus was conceived.
  • The innovation of O2 production via PSA was mechanized.
  • The innovation of N2, CO2 PSA and Co cleaning through methanol cracking was industrialized and expansive in scale.
  • Fine substance arrangement catalyst was conceived.
  • Hydrogen production innovation by means of methanol reforming, coal gas transforming and petroleum gas reforming was used in vast scale.
  • First generation of methanol breaking substance was conceived.
  • Hydrogen decontamination innovation through PSA was mechanized and created in substantial scale.
  • Hydrogen production innovation via coal gas and gaseous petrol reforming was effectively created.
  • A82 yeast arrangement was effectively created.
  • Mid-scale trial of hydrogen production innovation through methanol reforming is passed.
  • A82-3 and A82-1 yeasts applying in molasses fluid in industrial facility.
  • A82-2 yeast in liquor industrial facility by utilizing starch crude material.